Lotto Texas Numbers for Wednesday November 21, 2001

Get the Lotto Texas numbers from Wednesday November 21, 2001 today and check your ticket here. You can find out the Lotto Texas winning numbers and how much each prize was worth. From the winning numbers and the amount of money won for each prize to the number of winners for each prize category, our Texas lotto report has all the information you need in one place. Ready to find out if you are a winner?

Winning Numbers

  • 3
  • 6
  • 28
  • 33
  • 41
  • 51

Prize Payouts

Prize Level Prize Winners Prize Fund Amount
Regular Prizes
Match 6 $4,000,000 0 $0
Match 5 - - -
Match 4 - - -
Match 3 - - -

Facts about this draw

The jackpot for this Lotto Texas draw was $4,000,000, which was a 0% decrease in the jackpot amount over the previous draw on November 17 due to it being won. The previous jackpot was $4,000,000.

There were no jackpot-winning tickets sold for this draw. The Grand Prize rolled over to $6 Million.