South Africa Raffle

South Africa Raffle The South Africa National Lottery Raffle is an exciting game which gives away a guaranteed number of prizes in each draw. As well as being able to win fantastic cash rewards, players may have the opportunity to pick up something a bit different, such as a luxury car.

The South Africa Raffle takes place multiple times throughout the year. The exact dates will always be announced at least 60 days in advance.

South Africa Raffle Prizes and Odds of Winning

The next raffle is set to take place on 29th December 2018. It is called the 'Home Sweet Home' raffle as the top prize is R2 million to buy a new home. Six of these prizes will be on offer, as well as cash prizes totalling R500,000.

The odds of winning change depending on how many raffle tickets are sold. Supply is limited to 500,000 tickets, and the table below shows what the odds are if all of those tickets are sold. If the tickets don't sell out, these odds will improve.

PrizesNumber of PrizesWinning Odds
R2 million61 in 83,333
R10,000501 in 10,000

How to Play the South Africa Raffle

South Africa Raffle tickets can cost R20, R25 or R50 each, depending on the draw, and are available to buy online or from any authorised South Africa National Lottery retailers, as well as RA Cellular and A2Pay channels.

Players, who must be over the age of 18 to take part, are able to purchase as many entries as they would like, but Raffle ticket sales will close once the final ticket has been sold as there are only a limited number. Should any tickets remain unsold, sales will close half an hour prior to the draw being made.

When players buy a ticket, they are presented with a unique raffle code. On the night of the draw, a predetermined number of codes are randomly selected, and anyone who has a matching ticket will win the corresponding prize.

How to Claim South Africa Raffle Prizes

Players can check to see if they have won a prize after a draw has taken place, either by looking at the results online or by going to an authorised retailer and having their ticket scanned.

Anyone who wins a prize of up to R2,000 can claim their money from a National Lottery retailer. Prizes of between R2,000 and R 50,000 can be claimed from Post Offices or authorised National Lottery payment centres. Larger prizes and non-cash rewards such as cars must be claimed from one of the National Lottery's regional offices.

Players have one year from the date of a raffle in which to claim any prize.

South Africa Raffle History

The South Africa Raffle was launched in November 2016, with the first draw taking place on Friday 30th December. The draw offered 1,560 players the chance to win prizes ranging from R1,000 to one of 15 state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolets.

The second South Africa Raffle was held on Saturday 27th May 2017 and gave away 1,542 cash prizes. The top prize was R1 million and 12 lucky winners were guaranteed. The other rewards ranged from R1,000 to R100,000.

The third Raffle draw took place on Saturday 30th December 2017, with 1,475 winning codes being drawn. Prizes ranged from R2,500 for the third tier prize, up to the top prize of a Mini Cooper Convertible for 25 lucky winners.

PrizesNumber of PrizesWinning Odds
Mini Cooper convertible251 in 60,000
R10,0003001 in 5,000
R2,5001,1501 in 1,304

South Africa Raffle Numbers (Previous Draws)

Draw Date:Winning Numbers:Draw Detail:
Saturday 30th December 2017
    There were 1,475 raffle numbers in this draw
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Saturday 27th May 2017
    There were 542 raffle numbers in this draw
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Friday 30th December 2016
    There were 560 raffle numbers in this draw
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